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Rolling down the highway. Is your ride all that?

Rolling down the highway. Is your ride all that?

It was a quest of sorts. You had a picture of it in your office, maybe you still do. You took time to crunch the numbers and marked a day on the calendar when you pictured all the pieces of the puzzle coming together. A greener ride. This ride, your new ride, is symbolic of who you are and how you see the world - kick ass fun seeker with an optimistic outlook on the power of humanity to figure out ways to have a more harmonious relationship with the planet.

For your ride, maybe you went with the disruptive auto industry technology of the Tesla. You may have gone retro and picked up a throwback VW Bus or Van and took the adventurous step of converting it to biodiesel equally for your love of the planet and smell of french fries! Still you could have gone the route of the tested, tried and true Toyota Prius knowing that it's a well established ride. Heck, today you can pick up a toy Prius  or Tesla Hot Wheels just as easily as you can a pick up a toy LEGO VW Bus. They are all viable options and each may signify your commitment to the planet in their own individual way.

Here's the challenge. How do you make it even greener? Is it possible? You could get rid of it all together and take the bus or ride a bike everywhere. For some, those are realistic options and admirable. For many though, that scenario doesn't work because of weather considerations, travel to and from work, availability or the needs of a functioning household. What can you do then?

First, don't fret. You're not Atlas and nobody should expect you to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. However, there may be some simple, easy to implement steps you can take to make your green mode of transportation even greener. Whatever you decide, if it prioritizes the planet, then you're most likely on your way. Enjoy the ride!

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